AppleWatch series 5

You´ve never seen a watch like this.


This watch has a display that never sleeps.

With the Always-On Retina display, you always see the time and your watch face.

This watch has apps to keep an eye on your heart.

Ge a quick read on your heart rate, or check your heart rhytm with the ECG app.1

And tells you when things are getting a little loud.

The Noise app alert you when decibels rise to levels that can impact your hearing

And lets you track your cycle with a tap.

The Cycle Tracking app makes it easy to log information about your menstrual cycle.

This watch helps you smash your fitness goals.

There are workouts for every way you excercise. And advanced metrics for every level of athlete.

And motivates you to move, exercise and stand.

The Activity rings track your progress andd inspire you to sit less, move and execise every day. You can even compete with friends in challenges.

And streams your favourite 50 million songs.

Listen to the entire Apple Music library,2 not to mention podcasts and audiobooks.

This watch has a great sense of direction.

With a compass that also shows your elevation, you´re ready for all life´s twists and turns. And ups and downs.

It gets apps in a swap

The App Store in now on your wrist, so you can find and download the latest apps in seconds

And lets you go without your phone.

With cellular connectivity you can call from your hike, text from the surf or stream music on the slopes.3 All with just your watch.

And pay for stuff, fast.

Get your morning coffee, go shoe shopping or eat out. Do it instantly and securely with Apple Pay.

Did we mention this watch tells time?

With more than a hundred watch faces infinite ways to personalise them, there´s never been a watch like this.

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